Tree Mitigation

Tree Mitigation in Jacksonville

Tree Mitigation in Jacksonville
In Jacksonville, tree removal is illegal. You are not allowed to remove a tree without permission from the city, and you will also need to conscript our service of Tree Mitigation.

Tree Mitigation is the process of supplanting an old and dying tree with a new tree. So if you are hoping to be completely rid of a tree forever, there’s no such luck. But if you would like to replace it with a tree that might be more appealing to your eyes, call us.

Our Tree Mitigation Process

Inspection – The first step that we take once we’ve been called is to inspect the tree. We examine the tree for two reasons.

  • Environmental1See how healthy the tree. We judge the soil type to see what kind of replacement tree would work best in the climate. We also judge for what materials we will need to remove it.
  • Building regulations and risk assessment. However large a tree may be, it still needs to be safely escorted for clearance to be granted.

Consultation – After we’ve assessed the situation and deemed the job as being operational, we will meet with you to consult about the tree replacement you would like. Fortunately, there is a wide selection that you can choose from, but enter the consultation with a healthy mindset.

Execution – Once we’ve agreed upon the correct replacement, we extract the previous tree from its roots and escort it away. Then we ferry the next tree in and supplant it with lots of healthy topsoils. You want the roots to be as lively as possible.

Follow-up – Once the process is completed, we meet with you and consult about properly caring for the tree. There is a lot of upkeep in the first few months to years to ensure the tree takes proper root.

Acamas Civil Engineering

We have been servicing Jacksonville for several years, and we aren’t going to stop now. If you are looking for tree mitigation in Jacksonville or would like to know about alternative services we provide, please contact us at (904) 770-3096.