Jacksonville Civil Engineering ServicesNever before have the rigors of commercial, industrial and residential construction put such a strain on a developer's resources. At Acamas Civil Engineering, we offer an array of civil engineering and civil consulting services that will transition your project from its infancy, through its development and into the completed final stage of its development.

Our teams of experts and consultants have years of experience handling and comprehending the civil engineering process. Our commitment to our client services makes us sensitive to the need to control project costs is what sets us apart from our competitors. We apply this commitment of high-quality client service to the very core of our business whether it is an industrial, residential or commercial developer.

Acamas Civil Engineering offers civil engineering and civil consulting services in the following disciplines:

  • Commercial Developments & Mixed-Use Projects
  • Industrial Parks & Facilities
  • Environmental Engineering & Mitigations
  • Marina & Waterfront Developments
  • Street, Highway & Road Designs
  • Retail Centers & Restaurant Sites
  • Municipal, County & State Project Permitting
  • Community Redevelopment Projects
  • Office Parks & Warehouse Condo Developments
  • Recreational Parks & Other Municipal Developments
  • Town Center Development & Site Designs
  • Church Developments & Church-related Projects
  • Residential Subdivisions & Common Area Development

We can complete the master planning, provide a conceptual site layout, coordinate the landscaping or prepare an architectural review submittal package for your development. Also, we can solicit competitive bids, complete floodplain studies, protect local wildlife, design a roadway access or contract a geotechnical consultant to complete a soil report for permitting. We can engineer a rail spur, set aside a green space to preserve native trees, represent your interest in municipal meetings, design a storm water containment system to protect adjacent wetlands or install a bulkhead detention pond.

The strategic purpose of Acamas Civil Engineering is to be extremely responsive to all of your requests and efficiently provide the high-quality civil engineering service each of our clients requires from us. We have a detailed scope of consulting services coupled with our ability to successful handle the intricacies of any project that you trust us to handle from conception to the concluding phase.